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What happened with my gig? Should I contact with Fiverr support team?

Dear spectator, I created my first gig 2 days ago and I checked the impression of the gig is 82, but no single click yet. After creating the gig I shared it with my friends and they clicked on the gig, but now I can’t see any clicks. Even I don’t get a buyer request. :worried:

Should I contact with Fiverr support team?
What happened anyone tell me?

I think my gig is 90% professional. If possible check it pleases.

You only publish your gigs two days…,
and impression 82 is very low…, (which is normal for new gig)

As usual…, background removal is very common service.
There are thousand seller with same service…, with good thumbnail and leveled seller.
No matter how good your thumbnail is…, you will having a hard time getting order…,

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