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What happened with translated gigs? Why aren't they allowed anymore?


Hey eveyone!

I used to have 2 versions of every one of my gigs (one in english and another in spanish, since I speak both languages). But fiverr removed the spanish versions with any explanation more than “just because”. They said that they are rejecting translated gigs since January 1st.

I just want to know why they decided that? I mean, I was making a lot of profit from my spanish gigs (20% of that profits are taken from fiverr so I don’t get why they removed my gig). Also, I was looking for the fiverr spanish site and I just cannot access to it, did fiverr deleted the spanish site or something?

Who else is experiencing this problem? :confused:


Yes, Fiverr is now an English-only site. They snuffed all other languages. “Just because” is exactly right - that is about the best explanation you are going to get.

My guess is that handling several languages gave them a lot of work. It was clear that, from a development standpoint, they were constantly struggling with bugs on the non-English sites. They probably thought it was not worth the effort.

For those of us who had had a successful run with gigs in other languages, the way they did this was quite damaging. They had already forced us to split our translated gigs into separate gigs a few months ago, effectively splitting those gigs’ ratings. And now, by just deleting the gigs in other languages, they once again damaged our hard-earned ratings.

In the nearly two years I’ve been in Fiverr, I’ve seen it become increasingly hostile toward sellers, and the way in which they handled this is unfortunately just another such display of disregard for us - now in the form of a punishment for speaking other languages.