What happens after a revision?


I did a revision for a client. She said it sounds great but didn’t leave feedback or anything else or respond after redoing her script. I’m pretty new to this so I’m unclear what is left to do on my end? My dashboard says redeliver but I already have?? I completed the initial and revision within a few hours VS 2 days but the timer is still going. I will be on vacation mode after today so I’m concerned if she has any more issues before I’m unavailable. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


You need to redelivery because I think you just send your file on your order page ( like as message ). If you see there have redeliver option, Just use this option and delivery again, then time will stop. I see your gig there has still 2 order, so this is a busy day for you.


Really? I did this twice out of being paranoid but it still says “redeliver modified work” I’m so confused about this.


Can you please give a screenshot here?


If you have delivered the order already and if the clients hasn’t requested any additional revisions it’s a bug in your dashboard. .You need to contact customer support for assistance.


Oh dear! Thank you for clarifying!


Just to confirm, you redelivered the required revision via the button “Deliver modified work”?


I did but somehow the timer is still ticking and the redeliver button is still showing as if I haven’t.


OK then it seems to be a glitch. As previously said, customer support will be able to help you. Good luck and enjoy your vacation :).


Thank goodness for helpful souls in this forum! Thank you!