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What happens after you make a BR offer?

I have made a number of BR offers and was curious to understand what happens if the Requester chooses an offer that is not yours. Does the Buyer’s Request get removed or tagged in someway? I still have all my Sent Offers listed. Having the offers still listed as it is, make me wonder if the request is still active or they have not made a decision yet. Is there any way to check?

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Nothing, really… You don’t get notified at all.

The sent offers listed are just a record of all the BRs you’ve responded to and the message with which you responded to them. They do not indicate the status of the BRs in any way.

There is no way for you to know whether the buyer has already decided on going with another seller, or if the buyer is still in the process of deciding, or if the buyer just decided to scrap the request entirely.

I hope this answers your question.


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This certainly does answer my question. Thanks! Now, I’m off to the suggestion forum :slight_smile:



I had the same doubt. Thanks for the answers

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If it’s been very long since the request (like a couple of weeks) they’ve probably not selected the offer and gone with someone else’s offer (if they’ve gone with someone’s offer at all). You could also do a google search to see if they’ve left a review to see if they’ve gone for another seller’s offer - assuming they leave a review and it’s indexed by Google.

For me I think recently it’s been within a few days that they respond to an offer (sometimes within about a minute of sending the offer).

Maybe if it’s a business and the offer was sent on a Friday it may not be till Monday that they respond (especially if it takes a long time for the request to be checked by Fiverr).

They could also select your offer after selecting some else’s offer eg. if someone doesn’t do a good job on the order they could then pick your offer/message you. ie. there’s nothing stopping them ordering from multiple offers sent to their request (even though probably the majority of the time it might only be 1 offer they go with).