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What happens after you send offers to buyer requests?

What happens after you send offers to buyer requests? I assume many sellers would be sending different offers. Assuming the buyer does not accept your offer, but accepted someone else’s offer, what happens then?
Does your sent offers vanish from your dashboard?


Hi, if you really want to know. You can try submit a buyer requests as a buyer, you will will know the perspective of a buyer. The result may be shocking if your request is related to logo :slight_smile:

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Do you know what happens after that? I mean if I submit request as buyer for something I don’t need, I’ll incur unnecessary charges. I’m sure someone must be knowing about what happens after that!

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There is no additional charge for submitting buyer request as a buyer. I tried before, experience is horrible. Tons of gigs flooding into your inbox, you won’t bother to see though everything, just a top few and that all

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Thanks for replying! So, as a seller when the buyer accepts someone else’s offer, the offer that you sent disappears from your dashboard?

I don’t think so, because I’ve been sending offers since 3 days now. Some of the requests had a delivery time of 1 day. After 2 days also it’s still in my dashboard. I guess fiver removes it after some period of time or they are like that forever (which I don’t think is the case)

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Yeah. I mean keeping it there forever makes no sense.

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You don’t incur charges if you don’t accept an offer… You don’t get charged just because you make a BR.

But @dntkachairing don’t do this unless you actually want to buy something. You’ll be wasting the time of sellers who see it and want to apply.

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now i’m also facing same situation .i send the offer to buyer. I did’nt get any reply.i’m confused that whether i have to do the work our not. ?if any can help please tell me.

This means that the buyer either didn’t choose you or they’re still waiting for more offers. They could have also chosen to close their request without picking any sellers!

Even when a buyer chooses some other seller, you’ll never know.

You won’t have to do any work until the buyer actually places an order from you! Hope this helps!


thank you , :innocent:

Yeah i tried, thousands of people apply for that category. I’m logo designer too. It’s very hard to choose 1 person from a lot of appliers.