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What happens if a Buyer did not leave me a Review?

Hi guys I’ve completed two orders and the buyers said I did a great job.

But they never got back to me and never left a Review?

Also the order is still open and it will be closed automatically after 3 days right?

what should I do? I’ve also sent a message to the buyers but they never replied…

They said I did a great job they’ve got my stuff and never got back to me :frowning:

What should I do?

Thank you!


Do NOT send a message to your buyers after you deliver an order either
a: asking for a review or b: asking when or why they didn’t review.
This will get you in hot water if the system flags the message OR if the buyer is annoyed that you are messaging them and your messages can be marked as spam which can get your account a warning or worse.
The buyers are already prompted upon delivery to rate the service they received, and I think they may even be reminded by Fiverr as well before the order closes out.

You should do NOTHING. Sit on your hands and do not bother the buyer to give you a review. Unless you want your freelancing career here to be short-lived.


I have never received a message on either Etsy or Ebay after I have bought something from the sellers to review my purchase - and would be annoyed if I did. I know how to review if I choose to do so. So, I wonder if those two platforms also have this type of rule where they frown upon you bothering clients to leave feedback.


ok thank you so much I didn’t know it.

Well I didn’t ask for any review indeed, I just said if they still need any help? but never got any message back.

Avoid sending them a message asking if they need anything else too. Why? Because some buyers may get annoyed and feel you are bothering them or spamming them. While I know you are just trying to follow up and make sure they are satisfied and do not need anything, it only takes one buyer who is having a bad day to get mad at your message bugging them and decide to report your account for spam. There is no reason to send messages unsolicited here - good rule of thumb is to only respond to messages you receive first - so if they stop writing back, leave it be.

ok thank i will not do anything then and wait… but it’s bad that I did a hard job and they just said great job and left without any good review :frowning:

I think if we follow up with a message like what else can I do for you, it’s okay.
As long as we do it in polite and no offense or forcing them to purchase the gig from us again.

I usually did that as part of long term service to my client.
But that’s just my opinion.

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You just have to accept that not all buyers will leave a review.

In the same way that when you go to a supermarket to buy a tin of your favourite brand beans and then go home and eat them - you don’t email the manufacturer afterwards saying “Great tin of baked beans. 5 out of 5 for taste and texture”.


Buyer can leave a review even after 9 days of delivery acceptance.
Maybe he is busy and will get back to you.

The good way to ask for review is to say, he I would really appreciate if you leave your honest feedback with your delivery as well as in inbox.

Even though you’ve worded it well, you’re still asking the buyer for a review.

According to the wisdom shared on these forums - no matter how politely you word it, you can not ask the buyer to leave a review.

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Can you share which rule we break to ask this? it is okay to ask for a feedback after doing your job. You can not ask buyer to give positive feedback but you can ask for feedback.

Sorry i don’t know anything about this any how best of luck for the next :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: