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What happens if a buyer does not fill in requirements?

Hi Fiverr’ss

I had a repeat buyer from last week but they did not fill in the requirements. So the clock has not started. What happens if you can’t contact the customer? It’s a much smaller order but still.


Good thing is the clock has not started so you don’t really need to worry! The worst case being buyer fills the requirements which are no way related to work and you can’t really start work and the clock is ticking.

I would suggest you to message the buyer and wait for his answer. Now if he doesn’t reply you can cancel order after 1-2 week of wait time if it annoys you! However if you are okay with the order being their just leave it there forever or until the buyers fills the requirements.


Good stuff thank you

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You can ignore it, as was said, but be aware of the long-term possibilities. There have been some veteran sellers who let a lot of these pile up over a year and there came a time when staff just auto-canceled anything over a certain age. It did impact their completion rate, so for some it was enough to cause a demotion. I wouldn’t worry if it’s just one and your rate is fine. If you get more than one or your rate gets “iffy” you might want to cancel them yourself when the timing is right for you.