What Happens if a client is not willing to Cancel a Job



I have a client. For whom I did some work and I WANT TO cancel it. Client is not accepting cancellation request.

Is there something that I can do about it?



If you don’t want to do that Job and Client is not agreeing to Cancel.

Then simply contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them to cancel this order. They will help you and fix any other issue you are facing.

Hope this helps you.

Good Luck! :+1: :slight_smile:


Thanks! Let me try to do that.


However, if you are canceling to avoid a bad review they may not let you cancel. :confused:


Why do you want to cancel the project?


I am not cancelling to avoid a bad review. Or a late delivery. I am cancelling because, I can’t deliver the job.


Then CS should be able to help.


@richardbach I wish you all the best and I hope a CS representative addresses all your concerns regarding your project…