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What happens if a GIG never pop's up in a SEARCH?

I have been following the Tips, Tricks and even the rules created by FIVERR.COM for the GIG to the book for some time now. But my GIG never POP’s UP in the search result. But I have definitely make quite a few sales without the search results.

I am wondering how did that happen? Any ideas or suggestions?

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I have the same thing! I can’t find my GIG in the search result , so I think other people can’t find me either. Please anybody advise what do I need to do to be seen ? Thanks

Make sure to set up your gigs in the correct category. Did you add tags? Did you add relevant keywords into your gig title and gig description as well. A lot of sellers forget about the keyword tags at the initial set up. If you do all that give it a few days. If you gig still does not appear in search you can contact customer support and ask them for help. One of my gigs had disappeared from search a while back and they were able to help me out. Best of luck.