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What happens if an order already delivered gets cancelled by customer support?

I have this customer that seems to be pushing the order with modification requests untill I get tired and cancel the order.
He tried to ask for aditional work that wasn’t scoped in the order, also he said he wasn’t pay for the order because he didn’t like it.

I do mixing and mastering for music production, he got a song and he wanted me to make it sound exactly the same as the reference, I even tested him sending him the same reference file and he keeps saying it still doesn’t sound the same. so clearly he’s bluffing.

The issue is, I know I have everything to make customer service cancel the order for violation of terms and conditions from his side. But I can’t find anything explicit about what happen with the payment if the order gets cancelled in those conditions, would I still receive the payment? or just get cancelled and I’m giving away my work, 6 days of hard work and my $300 payment? :sleepy:

The payment gets returned to the buyer.


That’s really unfair, but ok. as long as I stick to the fiverr’s terms and condition he can’t make make me cancel the order right? I wont give away my work and one bad review among 60 perfect 5 stars reviews won’t make a big difference so, any tactics to get to an agreement with the buyer or should I just stick to keep sending him new revisions he probably will keep rejecting untill he lose internet connection for 3 days? :sweat_smile:

Yup, you’re right. I just had one cancelled by CS and the money returned to the buyer.

However, when they cancel, rather than you, it doesn’t affect your stats.

And you can keep an eye out for the buyer using whatever your project was on their website. If they use it, report it to CS and they’ll try and do something about it.

In my opinion, you should deliver the last revised file and inform the customer that all further revisions are paid. As I can see, you offer only 1 free revision, so just don’t let them abuse this feature.
And you are totally right about the review. Furthermore, you can always explain the situation by posting a comment under the review.
Lately there’s a huge number of buyers, who want to get free work no matter what.
In the worst case, if CS cancels the order, make sure that you have enough evidence that you delivered everything that was required (screenshots, files and so on). There were some cases when the order was cancelled, but the seller was credited with the money as a courtesy from Fiverr’s side.


Thanks for the reply.
The sad part is that as an act of good faith for the first order I offer 20 revisions in order to "let him be secure he will get the job I’m offering (I know, I won’t do that anymore).
But I don’t want to use that card until I send him the 20th revision, I just want to leave it without any way out.

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Also thats good to know, thanks for the information.

Ok so I could solve this issue, turns out that I reached 20 revisions just after I started sending him extra revisions offers to which he obviously declined, and he kept sending me cancellations request, all over and over again until he got tired and went to bed.

The next day he in deed needed a serious revision and asked me to do the revision and in exchange he would accept the order.
This happened:

you know how in “Song name” you put the hook 3X in the end ? can you make it shorter it seems kinda repetitive or but the “Song lyric" stutter on the last one just to switch it up you know. if u do this for me ill accept the order

No, lets do this.
You already accepted that we got the song done, so that mean you can accept the order now.
Do it, and after that I can give you a free revision just to get that done if you specify exactly what you need me to edit to the song.

bro its just one small thing
Thats it

Also, let me tell you that still you can’t use the songs I delivered if you have not accepted the order, otherwise legal actions can be taken.

so can u make the change for me please bro
and ill accept asap

I can make the change for you “bro”, after you accept the order. I’ll send you the latest version so you can accept the order and then I’ll do the changes asap.


BOOM! Order accepted
BOOM! review 5 stars
Of course I left the review he deserved.
And of course I’m a man of honor so I did the revision as I promised.

Moral of a fable.
If you are a seller, do not ever, ever, ever offer in the main order more revisions that you are willing to do.
Stick to Fiverr’s terms and conditions, deliver early, deliver quality and be clear about your offer.
And most important thing, if you do all that, you made and delivered your work and you know you deserve your payment do not let it go.

Sometimes it could be frustrating the situation, and the fact that customer support can’t do much about it, but hey, there are the tools.

I spoke with customer support about the situation and they told me that, if you do deliver in time, and the client keeps pushing the order and the counter says ##late##, it won’t count in your raitings.
I’ll add the customer support conversations in the next reply.

Good will will always win folks.

Here’s the conversation with customer support

  • Joan Yesterday at 01:34

Hello there,

I hope you’re well. I understand that this is inconvenient.

I checked this for you and from what I can see, it seems that the buyer understood that you cannot provide revisions for free and they are asking if you are going to start working on another song. Can you please follow up with them and let them know that you can complete this order now and if you wish, you can proceed with working on the other song within the new order?

As a reminder, customer support cannot manually change the status of an order, however, we will review the buyer’s behavior with our Team.

I hope this helps. Please do let us know if you need further help.

Kind regards,

Joan | Fiverr Customer Support

casperperez Yesterday at 03:30

Hello Joan, I proceed and he refuses to pay for new revisions or accept the order. I’ve been nothing but collaborative along the whole process of the order and before that.

My question is, what will happen if he keeps doing this, and the order get to very late?
As you surely can understand I refuse to keep working for free or to give away an order I’ve fulfilled as he agreed and recently confirmed.

Thanks Joan

Zelda Yesterday at 07:45

Hi again,

I can understand how frustrating it might be dealing with a demanding buyer.

I would like to explain that given that your order was already delivered, it cannot be marked as very late.

I can appreciate that you did the work, and sometimes it happens that the buyers are being unreasonable and demanding. At that time you can highlight that the work is done in line with the gig description an list all the work you’ve done.

I can see that the order is delivered now. Let’s wait for the buyer to come back and then we can take it from there.

Keep me updated!

Best regards!

Zelda | Fiverr Customer Support

casperperez Yesterday at 21:38

Ok, finally he agreed to close the order for his convenience, he really needed me to make a modification and I could make a deal with him to convince him to do it.
Fortunately this situation got solved, but farther than a bad experience is really annoying that for inconsistencies and grey areas in fiverr’s terms and conditions things like this happen.

This is not the first time I had to deal with buyers like this, and I know you’re aware that it happens often to many other sellers. I know it could be hard to legally close those gaps in the terms and conditions and at the same time maintain buyers affluence but at least you could invest in educate the sellers and buyers to not let things like this happen. and be transparent about it.

I still have the doubt, in a situation like this, if a buyer continues using the modification button to keep the order open and I ask you for intervention and there are all the conditions for you to close the order as the buyer inflict the terms and conditions, would I still receive the payment that correspond to the order I delivery and the buyer accepted in the comments that was completed?

Thanks again Joan and Zelda, and you that will answer so concisely and openly.
Thanks for the hard work!

Peter Yesterday at 22:59

Hello again,

I’ll clarify the matter for you.

Just like customer support cannot force you to keep working on orders that you don’t want to work on, no one can force a buyer to accept work that he is not satisfied with and complete the order. If the buyer stops responding the order might be automatically completed after 3 days or if the buyer opens a dispute with his payment provider you might be compensated.

I understand that these situations can be difficult and that pleasing buyers as a freelancer can be a frustrating experience but it’s just the nature of the job - I have worked as a freelancer as well and experienced similar situations.

Fiverr does try and educate both sellers and buyers regarding the system and how it works but as you are well-aware a lot of people in today’s world tend to skip notifications informing them of important things and skip everything they don’t want to read. So, even despite all the material available in the help center on the website, situations like this still happen.

I hope that clarifies the situation for you and if you need anything else, just ask.

Good luck with your future orders,

When you offer that many revisions, you attract scammers and incompetent buyers.

You’re also really undercharging and that also attracts these types of people.


Lesson learned :ok_hand:t2:


Hello fiverr community i had this buyer and he is seller too he offered a project I did what he asked for with source code, then he added some new things in his project honestly saying for that i charged him more and he accepted my new offer but later on he started sending me revision again and again i did what he asked for but i came to know he was pushing me for cancelling the order so this time i sent him a setup file rather then source code and asked him to see if there is some thing missing in the project so that i could deliver him again. he told me to send him the source code with new changes. I was really tired of his revision again and again so finally i sent a message with delivery that its my last delivery because you did not say anything missing in my project or otherwise i will contact fiverr support. After delivery he immediately sent me a request to cancel the order, I denied and then the fiverr came in between and cancelled the order and returned the amount to buyer.

My question is that why not fiverr asked me that I really delivered him what he asked for? because the buyer claimed i did not deliver him what he was asking for. this is unfair.