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What happens if fiverr block your account`

Is there any possibility to your blocked Fiverr account reinstatement??

Is there anyone on forum here who got their account back after being blocked by fiverr ?

what exactly did you do ?

The scenario is here:

I had an order from one buyer. I completed order work on time and delivered. But he was on vacation or something, he wasn’t available to check delivery. So as per fiverr policy order get marked as completed automatically after 3 days.

By the time he got back online after one week, He noticed that order got marked as completed even he didn’t check delivery. and then he checks delivery, Work didn’t appear bcoz of the browser cache.

he got angry and filed a report against me, He thought I marked an order as complete. And my account got suspended.

I have explained the situation to Fiverr. But they keep repeating the same message. T&S team have investigated and the decision remains same.

Now i don’t know what else to do.

Work didn’t appear because of the browser cache? Can you explain what you mean please?

No, your buyer didn’t get angry because of order auto- completing. CS clearly told you it was your 3rd violation and the Trust & Safety team investigated and maintained their decision.

So, I guess you must have made an empty delivery and that’s a big no-no!

You can’t just make a decision of someone 4 years work on your just guess. And the buyer who reported me, He accepted that it wasn’t empty delivery, Even he mailed Fiverr support that it was an honest mistake made by him. so it wasn’t empty delivery.

And I don’t know about the first two TOS violation before, I have been working here from last 4 years. and let’s accept for now that I had made two violation. But this third one was mistake by buyer, Not violation of TOS made by me.

This is not my fault this time. Why I am getting punished?

You do know that customer support can tell if you sent an empty delivery? They can see if you sent anything. I’m sure they looked to see if you did.

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I will appreciate that you don’t take my words out of context.

On the other hand, you’ve been warned for the 3rd time, CS told you T&S team looked up upon your claim and sustained the decision.

That’s a fact and I can’t tell otherwise. Sorry, there’s nothing else you or anyone can do.

PS: Violation of TOS has nothing to do with how many years you are on Fiverr.

Why try to argue to customer support that it was not an empty delivery if it was? That must be one of the most silly things I’ve ever heard of. I’m not saying you did that OP but think about it.

They can see what you sent. :eyes:

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I don’t know what he or his Buyer did.
But one thing I must say from my experience that whenever some of my orders completed automatically after 3 days as Fiverr policy, some buyers message that
“Why my order is completed”
“it says the order is completed” and more
So I reply them and explain that I did not complete the order and the order completed automatically after 3 days by fiverr.
I think most buyers don’t know that their order was automatically completed by fiverr not the seller.

I’ve never had anyone ask me that. Obviously it’s going to complete at some point. Your buyers must be a bit out of it. If you use the delivery button, it completes after 3 days.

If I sent them an empty delivery I can imagine they would ask that.

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Yes,But the should know that it’s not the seller who closed the order.
From my experience they think the seller closed the order.

If you deliver something using the delivery button then the order will close of course, what do they think, it stays open forever?

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Yes exactly because new buyers don’t know much about How fiverr works.

I’ve never had anyone ask me that. It has nothing to do with what the OP did which apparently was use the delivery button without delivering anything.

I am saying from my experience.

Yes,Delivering empty order is against TOS

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I am not sure about that how they identify, but a buyer who has reported me for false delivery. he accepted that it wasn’t false or empty delivery.

Your lucky then, Bcoz i have also got few buyer reply who dont know about automatic completion of order by fiverr after delivery.

Yes i agree, we know that, But buyer also had to know that, he read and accepted TOS also.