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What happens if i am a new seller and does not get order

can someone tell me that what happen what happen if i am a new seller and does not get order for 3 month in fiverr


It’s really sad,But there is nothing to do,Keep waiting


Nothing happens. You just don’t get orders.


does fiverr stop promoting me??

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Add proper keywords in your gig description!

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What do you mean by promoting?

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I want do say does fiverr stop promoting if I don’t get order in 3 month

What kind of promotion are you talking about?

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He is talking about Impressions

As long as the gigs are active, there should be some impressions.


Don’t worry. Keep waiting.

Don’t wait take actions, make strategy apply it if works improve it if not make new strategy.
Don’t wait for fiverr to promote you, do it by yourself.

This is only way to be winner

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You have to be patient. Success does not come in such a hurry. You must remember that out of thousands of sellers you are just a new seller. You have to compete with them, prepare yourself to compete with them. Then success will come soon. I hope this helps you

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Keep waiting. It will come.

I have been on fiverr for 23 days. I had a good start with 3 orders within the first 5 days… then radio silent from 11 Dec to 22 Dec, I had 2 orders on 22 - 23 Dec.

My main concern is not hitting $400 on day 60. My average selling price is low.


Keep waiting , try to response buyers requests related to your gigs regularly.

Maybe improve your gig and skills? Its easy to ask yourself what is wrong with the platform, but not as easy what you might be lacking. I had to ask myself this question a year ago and worked really hard to improve my skills and myself as a person.


Welcome to Fiverr. please don,t worry, if you continue work in Fiverr .some days wait must be ordered.

When you opened the gig … did you properly optimize keyword research and SEO?

You have such a fast result on fiverr, but not everyone has it.

I hope I am lucky, because it’s the second day here and I’m waiting for any orders)