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What happens if I am "late" in delivery? [RESOLVED]

The buyer wanted to buy my gig ahead of time THEN send me information. He did…an HOUR before delivery.

I don’t mind or anything but it came out late. Does this impact my rating or anything?

Sheriff’s Note: The correct answer has been provided by twistedweb123 . This thread is now closed

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No, it’s not a problem. Just finish your work as soon as possible and get back to your buyer with your completed work. Everything will be fine if buyer is satisfied with your work. Best of luck.

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Hi Katabelle,

There are two types of late:

  1. Late - when the order is late but by less than 24 hours.

  2. Very late - when the order is over 24 hours late

    When an order is late (#1), the only negative consequence is the fact your ‘average delivery time’ may increase, depending on other orders you have completed on the gig. For example, if you have delivered 2 previous orders within 2 days, and this within 5 days, your gig page will say 3 days (2 + 2 + 5 / 3) as an average delivery time.

    When an order is very late (#2), the buyer has the ability to forcibly cancel the order. This provides an instant refund to them, and a low rating on your service (“Seller failed to deliver on time”). However, in your scenario, where the buyer has provided the details late, if your order did go very late and the buyer did cancel, customer support would probably be sympathetic and remove this rating (you’d have to contact them), as it’s clear to see you didn’t have a lot of time to complete the work when specified. Like #1, a delivered very late order can increase your average delivery time, whilst a cancelled very late order has no effect on this.





Yes, but what if the person making the order leaves out say the video clips to be edited which is necessary in the delivery, therefore costing the delivery to be late? Is there anyway of avoiding those consequences for being late due to it being the buyers fault?