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What happens if I am unable to deliver the order within the duration mentioned in gig?

I have an order for my gig. Actually the client responded very late and gave me the things required for the gig very late. As a result I am unable to deliver the order by the duration agreed/mentioned in the gig.

What happens in such cases? What’s the solution? Please guide.

Click “resolution center” and cancel the order. Tell your seller he needs to create a new order so you have time to do it.

I always send cancellation orders when an order is due in 24-hours and the client hasn’t responded. It won’t hurt your rating if the cancellation is mutual.

you get an additional 24 hours to deliver…sometimes i leave the order open if I can still get it done within to 24 hour period before the buyer has the ability to cancel. The buyer should know the cause of the delay since it took a while for them to get the information to you.

I never let new customers cause me to be later than 24 hours late for any reason. It is too easy for them to non-mutual cancel. Even accidentally. I will let regulars run us late all the time. I have had some orders that drug out for 30 days. Sometime your customer will drag their feet getting you materials and making modifications. If you are very quick each step of the way, this could be a spectacular experience for the customer. Offering incredible service. In the end, your customer’s satisfaction is the key.

Communicate well and try to be the best and most friendliest provider someone will meet on Fiverr.