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What happens if i didn't respond to custom order request


what happens if i didn’t respond to custom order request, the customer’s custom order request took me 5 minutes to do and this customer is recurrent buyer to my gig, so if i didn’t respond to the custom order request would it harm my response rate?

specially that i did respond to the customer in messages instantly.

the reason i am asking because i have dropped 2% after that?

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hi, yes it’s effecting to your response rate.

thanks a ton for you response, what can i do?
can i submit an offer and the customer does not have to accept it?

i dont think its affect on your response rate, if you respond to message. recently someone made a custom request but i didnt sent him offer but i replied with text.

The response rate I think is only supposed to take into account the first message from a seller you haven’t messaged before, so I don’t think it should affect it if you have already replied to that user before (in the message window I think, maybe depending on the browser, it puts a timer icon in the message window if you have a message or custom offer request and if you need to reply to that within 24 hours. If it doesn’t show that icon but it sometimes does (eg. with a message/request form a new user) it probably doesn’t affect the response rate).

Though you still should probably contact the buyer or create a custom offer if you can do the work or explain why in a message if you can’t do the work being asked.

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thanks a lot for your reply.
sure i was in contact with the buyer all the time this is his 4th order with me, the problem is that this is the only thing that happened yesterday so i figured out that this is the reason.
anyway, i made him an offer, i hope he can ignore without harming my account
the thing is that there is no way of doing a free of charge gig, like the buyer can tip the seller.
dont you think?

You can create a separate tip gig if that’s what you want (eg. “I will accept your generous tip…”). Though that will use up one of your allowed number of gigs.

The buyer can leave a tip on a normal gig but only by paying a min of $5 for the gig and if they select to rate 5 stars I think. You could also create an offer eg. “I will accept your tip” but that won’t really fit a normal gig - so it should really be a separate gig I think for that.

Fiverr should really create a separate option to tip sellers that doesn’t involve ordering a gig+giving a public 5 star rating and doesn’t involve the seller creating a separate gig for tips (which will use up one of the limited number of gigs allowed per level).