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What happens if im late on delivery?

If im late to deliver by just a couple of hours, is there anything negative effect on my gig?


Your “Delivered on time” percentage goes down. It’s not good. It doesn’t matter if you’re minutes late or hours late.


Can anyone else see my “Delivered on time”? or can only i see for the level up reqruirments?

Only you can see it and it’s relevant for level up requirements (and possibly to your overall position in search if you neglect this metric long enough).

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Do you think 2 late delivers will affect my search position? one was in revision late by hew hours and one was late by 1h

Your post isn’t late when it’s on revision. If you submitted it on time and then the customer asked for a revision, don’t worry about that.
If you submitted it late, then I’d say keep on your toes for a while, you don’t want a 3rd late order because that really hurts your stats and search position

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I don’t think 1 or 2 late deliveries will do much damage but pushing it further might. It’s irrelevant if you were late by “just” 2 hours. A late order is a late order. After it’s 24+ late, it’s also can be cancelled by buyer with an automatic 1* review.

If it’s “late” in revision (when the initial delivery was on time), it doesn’t count as late and doesn’t affect you. Despite those threatening red letters on the order’s page.

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Hi, please try to delivery before ending time. For it client give you better feedback and to watch this feedback other client knock you.

What i meant was that 1 day passed after the customer requested a revision and i had 1 day timer, and i was late AFTER he requested the reivison

The LATE sign above the clock is disconcerting! :scream:

However, if you made the delivery before the clock ran out you are fine! :relieved:


You’re fine then, don’t worry! Fiverr just hasn’t fixed this issue yet.
If you submitted the order in time, and it only showed up as late AFTER a revision was requested, then it’s just a bug, you’re not late (:

When someone requests a revision? how long do i have to deliver again? 1 day?
If so i was late for that 1 day

There is no time limit of when you need to deliver a revised version as long as your first delivery was on time.

Your order is not late as long as the initial delivery was on time. You can ignore the red “LATE” sign if that’s the case. The “LATE” sign in this case is just a site design’s flaw. It has no effect on your gig’s performance.


its upon to buyer . if buyer is a good person then no effect

So when it says 1 day to deliver in revision theres actually no time limit at all?
Sellers can abuse it no?

Well, you’re expected to be reasonable and not to drag it out for 10 years to make your buyer complain to CS for wasting their time and ask for a refund. I usually deliver the revised version within 12-24 hours from when the revision was requested. It’s in the seller’s best interest to finish the job and get paid but there is no concrete time limit.

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Hi Diablo4k,
Always try to complete your project within the said timetable. If you get late, it is shown as the declining grades in “on time delivery”.
Also on time delivery leaves a great impression on the buyers.

Best of Luck


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It depends on the buyer. But it will weaken your on-time delivery rate. However always try your best to deliver on time :slight_smile:

this is wrong , late deliveries affect your account no matter what , it has nothing to do with your buyer being a good person or not …

it definitely doesn’t depend on the buyer … late deliveries affect your account