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What happens if revision request makes me late?


I’ve completed an order, and the buyer has requested a revision. She’s not yet ready to provide something needed for that revision, so I’m happy to wait. But this will make me late. How does that affect my stats?


If the buyer has requested a revision but isn’t ready to provide the needed info for you to deliver again, then you will have to request a Time Extension via the dispute system, so that you get more time for your order :wink: However, the buyer will have to accept the time extension request in order for this to work.

If you don’t do this, I’ve heard from others that they got a Late warning, which affected their stats, besides Fiverr giving the buyer the option to forcefully cancel the order because it was late :confused:


Thank you for the response! That’s very helpful.


From my observation, the delivery time resumes counting when a buyer requests a revision. There isn’t any means available for adjusting it except requesting for an extension of the delivery time from the buyer.

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Actually, it doesn’t seem to work like that. It doesn’t resume the counter, and instead looks at the original due date that has to be met:

I had a 3-day order and delivered after 2 days, so I naturally had 1 more day left just in case of a revision. The buyer requested a revision after almost 3 days, and the counter did not resume the one day that I had left - instead it just showed LATE because the original due date had passed.

Logically, the counter should resume, but it appears Fiverr hasn’t implemented it that way :pensive:

So if I delivered as advertised before the deadline, but then the buyer came back to say “thank you” using the Request Revision (as it often happens), I got a LATE warning even though the order was initially delivered On Time (actually earlier than advertised) :man_facepalming:


How long do they have to request a revision after delivery?


I was about to ask the same question, it happens to me a lot and it made me to be seller level 1 instead of 2 unfortunately. But I guess with these useful tips I will return to my level.

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3 days until it gets auto-completed.

And you know that 3 days is not exactly 3 days, it’s usually more until it auto-completes, sometimes up to 3.5 days :roll_eyes:

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I think the counter after we deliver job doesn’t have any effect (please correct me if I’m wrong)

Cause I had so many buyer that asked me for multiple revision (sometime it can be until 30 revision) and it take me about 1 month to finish all the revision.

Of course after he asked for revision i usually finished it within 1-2 days, but then he asked for another revision and it keep repeated like that until around 30 revision.

The status of my order was late but I’m not late in very first delivery, it is late because the buyer asked for multiple revision.

And I think it’s not affect anything.
My delivered on time rating still count as 100%.

So i think as long as we are not late in first delivery and deliver as fast as we can (make sure it about 1-2 days, buyer usually don’t like to wait too long for the revision), it will be okay.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Keep delivering on time if you late then your gig will go back on ranking and you get less orders


I recently had a “client” who would repeatedly hit the “request revision” button, only to tell me that him and his “team” would “get back to me” in a few days. I finally had enough, and informed them that “ABUSE OF THE REVISION BUTTON IS A VIOLATION OF THE TERMS OF SERVICE”.

They stopped all contact after that - go figure!!!

End of story - I got PAID (a week late) - they got BLOCKED !!!


As my experience Fiverr allow one day after the delivery. If we can complete the order within this 24 hrs, order will not be getting late. Is it correct?