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What happens if seller doesn’t leave feedback for buyer?

I haven’t found similar questions through the search tool.

If a buyer leaves feedback and the seller doesn’t leave the feedback back, does the buyer’s feedback still show up on the seller’s profile after a while? Is it possible to leave it hanging and never write feedback back for the buyer?


Hello! Yes, it will show after a few days even if the seller doesn’t leave a review:

"Once both the seller and buyer have completed their review or the 10 days have passed, both reviews will be made public. "


You can’t prevent feedback being published.

I recall a similar discussion on here in which it was said if you don’t respond to a buyer’s feedback, then their feedback displays on your profile after 10 days.


Thank you so much! I somehow resolved it.

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How would you feel if you bought something from someone under the understanding that you could review it and then you did and then they prevented you from being able to publish it? Why would Fiverr allow something so unethical?

That’s why Fiverr releases a review after 10 days or maybe less. They dont facilitate deception. They’d get sued or charged.

It doesn’t. I’m explaining why Fiverr makes it possible for you to “leave it hanging” without you having reviewed the buyer. Fiverr doing anything else would be unethical.

Sorry I thought this reply was to my other topic.

Well, as a seller I go through this all the time. I do great work for many people and often don’t even get a review back which would help me boost my gigs, and Fiverr simply doesn’t care.

They certainly facilitate things for buyers, not so much for sellers.

Anyway, in my specific case, my buyer changed the terms of our agreement many times, and I didn’t want to leave a review because it wouldn’t be a good one and I’d rather not leave one if I can’t say nice things.

" a review back which would help me boost my gigs, and Fiverr simply doesn’t care."

What are you saying, that Fiverr should force buyers to review you?

You aren’t entitled to reviews and Fiverr incentivizing them would also be unethical.

I understand why you wouldn’t want to review a buyer. My whole point is that that is your prerogative.

I’m just saying that in many features of Fiverr, the buyers are usually the one with the higher ground. For example, if I want to cancel an order because of whatever issue regarding the buyer, I would be the one penalized even though I’m not the one at fault.

Just saying, it feels like the sellers never have the tools to defend themselves, or at least not immediately. We always need to go through customer support and wait days to see if anything can be solved without damaging our reputation or profile, while buyers are always one click away from getting whatever they want without consequences.

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