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What happens if someone's account got disabled and he has some dollar in it?

Can anyone please tell me what happens if someone’s account got disabled and he has some dollar in it?

When an account is disabled, the owner usually gets a message telling them why it was disabled, and answering the questions about the funds, too.

The answer is also in Fiverr’s Terms of Service: they’ll be able to withdraw that money after 90 days, unless CS decides otherwise (for example, if the money was gained through fraudulent means).


I’m curious as to why you are asking this? Your account has not been disabled. It still exists here on Fiverr, and can be visited and searched by anyone.


I’m curious to know, too :woman_shrugging: it’s a good question! (The question OP asked)

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Maybe just in case? The account may be on its first or second warning :woman_shrugging: Who knows :thinking:


Exactly, also I don’t see the problem with asking anyway. I hadn’t thought about this before, but now that it’s been mentioned I’m curious to know what would happen, too.

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i don’t have any warnings, i just asked to know what happens to the money if unfortunately someone lose their account.

just like your curiosity i asked the question from my curiosity. simple as that :wink:

thanks for the replay.

Very well. Still, it’s a curious question to ask us what will happen if someone breaks the rules. You don’t need to know, because you’re not going to break the rules, right? :wink: