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What happens if you don't deliver a gig on time?

I have a client who’s hired me to convert all of her e-books to epup and mobi, set up accounts for her on Kindle Direct and Nook Press, and publish her books there, in addition to various other tasks. It’s related to a gig I have to upload an e-book to these sites, but obviously it’s way outside the scope of that gig. We discussed all of the details before she placed her order, and then last night she ordered multiple instances of that gig to cover the cost I quoted her.

The problem is that I didn’t remember that the gig she purchased only has a 3 day completion window. There’s no way I’m going to get all of this done in 3 days (never mind the fact that this is my birthday weekend and I’ve got a bunch of family plans, so working through the weekend to get it done isn’t an option).

The client is fine with this – she doesn’t expect it to get done in three days. My concern is that I’m RIGHT on the verge of reaching Level 1 status. Will not delivering these orders before the clock runs out screw that up for me? Even if the client’s okay with it, will I be penalized in some way by Fiverr for not delivering on time?

It turns out she only provided info on two of the gigs (which I was able to complete), so the clock hasn’t started yet on the rest of them. Still, I’d really appreciate an answer to this question for future reference. Sorry if it’s been asked before, but I did a forum search and couldn’t find a relevant answer. Thanks.

Thanks for the info, madmoo. I did increase the lead times. And, sure enough, I’ve got most of the work done and now I’m having trouble getting her to activate the remaining orders. Le sigh.