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What happens if you don't deliver again after a modification request?


I’ve been going back and forth with a truly unreasonable buyer for a week now. They have been extremely rude and aggressive, after being informed that I wasn’t going to completely rewrite the article because they didn’t given me the full instructions.

Every time they requested a modification, I redelivered the original article I wrote and calmly explained why I first, wasn’t going to provide a revision and second, wasn’t going to provide a refund, despite the fact that they were threatening over and over that they were going to leave a bad review if I didn’t write them a new article with the new instructions. I went back and for with them literally seven times.

I’m tired of dealing with it. I’ve told the buyer as much. They still hit the modification request anyway, apparently just to send me yet another message informing me that if I didn’t cancel the order, they were going to leave a negative review “as is my right as a customer.” I mean, jeez, just leave the negative review already, if you’re going to do it. Stop telling me about it and do it. What happens if I just let the seventh “Modification Request” run until the time on the order is up? Are they going to have the chance to cancel the order because it looks like a late delivery?


You can’t cancel an order for late delivery after it has been ‘rejected’. You can let it run for years without any issue. I have an order sitting in my queue from 2012 that somebody kept rejecting. It just sits there. I know I will never get paid for it now, but at least the client didn’t get their money back.

I also use the ‘delivery’ and ask for rejection if some silly sausage wants articles delivered on a regular basis before the gig is actually due (i.e. if they order 100 articles for delivery within a day but agree to a month delivery if I deliver on a regular basis). They will not be able to cancel after that point.

Of course, you also have the fact that customer support won’t force them to accept an order. I have also been in a situation where a client is PERFECTLY happy with the content, but they won’t accept the delivery as they want free crap. Customer support say; “just work it out with the customer” (they really need a way to force acceptance of orders).

HOWEVER, look at this screenshot of my ‘delivered’ page. These are people who kept rejecting orders without giving me a reason as to why they were rejected. I then went to deliver so I could claim my money. After a certain point, it requires the buyer to manually accept the delivery of an order. If they don’t do this, the order sits in ‘delivery hell’. These are orders that are complete but I will never get paid for as Fiverr refuses to force them to complete ‘automatically’.

So yeah, you aren’t ever going to get paid for that content, even if the buyer randomly dies or something which means they can no longer make modification requests.


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Timer is 48 hours now. It was taken down from 72 hours. I have been messed up because of that.


Okay, good. Thanks!

Though, I guess if I’m never going to get paid for it (I thought the clock would just run out and it would auto-complete), I should just cancel the order, right? The vindictive side of me says, “No, this buyer has been extremely rude and a huge nuisance over $5, if you don’t get paid for the content, they certainly shouldn’t have the money either.” …The other side of me–the organized side–says, “Just cancel so you don’t have to deal with it in your queue forever.”

UGH. I don’t want to let this jerk win.


Urgh! What a horrible buyer. I’d actually leave it there and use the content myself somewhere. That way the buyer doesn’t get his money back but can’t use the content later to get free content from you. If he ever decides he wants to be a grown up and pay for the content, you can always take it down and redeliver later (chances are he won’t). Do watch out if he decides to cancel it on his end, though, and keep rejecting the cancellation telling him that he has the option of paying or leaving.

No, you won’t get paid but it might make him realise that he hissy fit has made him lose time, money and rights to content. You could also tell him that you won’t be cancelling the order at all and will just let it sit there until he grows up. If he decides to leave you a negative review, it’s not going to harm you–you know that point though :wink:


He can actually get banned from Fiverr if she submits proof that he is using the work without the order being marked as complete.

I have had two people do this to me in the past. A quick message to Fiverr with evidence, and they lose their account within the day.

She can then deliver the order as he is no longer around to reject it! (also works as I have done it)


You could leave the order in your queue, then when the winter holidays come up, mark it as delivered. Perhaps they will be too busy to notice for three days, and then you get paid.


Big thanks you guys! Seriously. I was getting very annoyed and fed up with this guy.


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I am having exactly the same issue with a particular buyer and she is irritating me to death, fiver customer support is again and again replying the same copy paste thing to me, that they cant force a buyer to accept delivery, which means, buyers can literally misuse “modification button” and can keep asking for modifications till infinity, but after reading your posts, and submitting modifications for like 8th time, i am going to stop here !! :slight_smile: though i know I am not going to get paid, but again, i dont want this stupid girl to win, so i am not gonna cancel the order too !! :slight_smile: thank you so much !