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What happens if you don't rate buyer to see his review

Hi everyone, so the fiverr system makes sellers rate buyers before they can see the buyer’s review and ratings when a job is completed.
I’m just curious, if i don’t rate a buyer what happens? will that review never show on my gig page?


The review will show up after 10 days.


In addition to what @vibronx said, when the review shows after 10 days, you will no longer be able to rate the buyer.


As others have said, a buyer review will show publicly after 10 days.

Some sellers mistakenly think that if they don’t review a buyer then the buyer’s review of them will never display - this is wrong. You can’t manipulate the system if you think the buyer is going to leave a bad review of you for example.

You have nothing to lose by leaving a review of the buyer. But don’t leave it more than 10 days, as you won’t be able to leave your side of the story.


I just want to see what the buyer says about me before i leave my own review/rating of him. I have a buyer who liked my work, praised it in the inbox, but left 3 star ratings, while i left him a five because we had no issues. I felt quite embarrassed tbh.


Same happened to me today, the buyer was quite pushy and I tried my best, rated them with a 5 star which I probably shouldn’t have but you never know which buyer might come back for more orders and they gave me a 4.3 star rating, which surely isn’t the worst but it does make me feel a bit stupid when that happens :smiley:
The idea behind not being able to see the buyer’s review is that your own review should not be based on what the buyer says about you but in reality it just leads to sellers rating their buyers better on average than the other way around I think.