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What happens if

Just a quick question…

What happens if you deliver an order, the buyer marks it as complete… And then as time passes by, this buyer keeps on messaging you about that order ecc… what if you block him/her? Will you lose the payment of the order? What happens exactly? Please give me an idea… Thank you!


Hm, normally not, but I really don’t know…also I’m eager to know what happen.
Could you try this out for the community?? :sweat_smile:

The buyer can leave a review for up to 10 days once the order is marked complete. If that time has passed then you could safely block them without the fear of a bad review.


which gig was it just out of interest? without giving names, what is the buyer saying?

i noticed some strange inconsistencies with your virtual assistance gig, where your basic and standard packages come with 7 revisions, premium only 5 but in the description you guarantee unlimited revisions

if that’s the gig in question then you may be out of luck. the view fiverr might take is that you are now contractually obliged ot offer whatever revisions the buyer demands, until the end of time, or the order can be cancelled even years after it was finalized. blocking would likely just result in the order being refunded at your expense

my advice would be to go through all of your gigs and remove any references to unlimited revisions of satisfaction guaranted, as well as any inconsistency (which fiverr will see as false advertising)

i’m not a seller so i’ve never been in this position myself


If an order is marked as complete and rated, you can block the buyer at any time with no repercussions. If the order is marked as complete but not rated, the buyer has 10 days to leave a review, so I would just stall until that window closes and then block.


Thank you for making me notice that! Actually, that’s not the gig in question. But let me explain the inconsistencies… When I signed up on Fiverr, as a new seller I thought and read many advices that offering unlimited revisions would somehow make the buyer chose you among other sellers. Then, I learned that offering unlimited revisions is unreasonable! That’s why you see “unlimited revisions” in the description. I forgot to remove that.

Thanks for reminding me though! I’ve just changed that.

Fortunately the buyer stopped chasing me so I don’t have the need to do that as of now, even though I am very curious too! Haha

Great! :+1: Better not challenge the fortune. :grin:
Good luck furthermore and keep it up!

Thank you! All the best!!!

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If the gig has been marked as completed by the buyer, the money is automatically transferred to you, so you can’t lose it anymore, unless you have some intense issues and the buyer takes you to CS. But normally, you won’t lose the money.

But what exactly does the buyer want? If he wants extra job done on the order, you can convince him to pay for it