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What happens someone order gig from me with high demand but short time?

I would like to know what happens if someone order my basic package gig but the demand is considered a premium package. I know there is a button like “I can’t deliver” or something like that. If I click that, will it cause my ratings or profile on SEO to go down?
Same question for me to the Buyer’s Requests. Most buyers only state their important point, and sellers have to offer a gig in order to approach buyer. But what if seller offers at $5 (to attract buyer to look at his gig), and buyer goes to him without prior messages?

Yes, Your SEO will go down

On your first question, if someone orders the minimum gig but their requirement is for the premium, you should offer them an extra in the gig to upgrade to the premium. Do this in a professional way and offer them the option to cancel as an alternative. I usually say “I understand this may be more than you budgeted for so let me know if you prefer to cancel”.

There used to be a cancellation option ‘couldn’t agree on price’ or similar.

It will affect your completed rate but will not have a significant impact on your search placing (I had a completion rate of 87% for a while and I was still on the first page of the searches in my category).

On your second question, you need to include in your offer EITHER that the buyer should contact you before ordering to firm up the requirements, or a list of assumptions and limitations on your offer. e.g. you can say you offer $5 and it includes X only. If there are any additional requirements you will send an extra offer in the order.

Thanks! that’s a good tip, might come in handy for me in the future but I wish I wouldn’t have to use it!