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What happens to active orders when your gig is deleted


Hello Forum

What happens to your active orders if Fiverr deletes your gig?


may be orders will be cancelled


May be? They are not yet cancelled. Just worried


As I know If fiverr cs delete your gig then the order will be cancelled .But if you delete then I have no knowledge of that … If the order are not deleted yet then will not delete…


CS deleted the gig. But I am still communicating with the buyers via order page.


:roll_eyes:Then I think you should continue working on those order and try complete ASAP.:grinning:


Thanks, mate. Some will take 7 days to complete :man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6:


Do not worry …Hope you can successfully complete those orders .

Good luck


Thank u for the encouraging words