What happens to gigs if you're downgraded?


What happens to your gigs if you get downgraded and the number you are permitted in your level is reduced?

Do some of your gigs above your account limit become inactive? Are they deleted? Do you get a choice of which ones to lose?

Asking for a friend. Nah, not really. Asking for myself. I’m expecting seller demotion in January.


Why are you expecting to be demoted though? Your page looks awesome. Cancellations?

Kindly note anything I am about to say is pure speculation.

I think the remaining gigs will be paused. And you unpause the ones you want and pause the ones you don’t want.


I might get downgraded, too. The message response is killing me! I don’t know what happened to that 25% of messages I apparently didn’t reply to. Maybe the ones marked as spam count?

Anyone want to start a covert messaging ring… jk


But that is easy to fix. Just reply every message (including spam before you mark them as spam)

You still have a month to fix that