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What happens to my Account by 15th?

I joined Fiverr over a month ago and have only completed 4 orders from two different clients through buyers request. I’m not even sure why I’ve not been getting any orders (maybe someone can analyse my gigs).

By May 15, there would be an evaluation and I’m not sure what will happen to my account because I’m nowhere close to meeting the stated requirements.

Any help?

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Go to analytics and see fiverr level system. The evolution are related to your analytics. When you will complete the level requirements, the evolution will work for you and you will go the the next level.

Sarhear_anik that’s where the problem is. I have seen the analytics and the level requirements but I have completed only 4 orders out of 10 orders required of me before the next evaluation date.

What then will happen by 15th if I don’t meet the requirements?

if you have not achieved those standards, nothing is going to happen…

they are there to be achieved so that you can be promoted to higher lever

Your profile will be same like now. You have to complete 10 orders to go to the next level.

But the evolution will not affect your profile :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, alright! Which means I have to wait for the next evaluation. :grinning:

What is usually the time interval between evaluation dates?

How often do they happen?

Evolution date comes on 15th date of every month.