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What happens to our account, if the client cancels the order?


Please help :sweat::sweat:


Nothing. You have to agree to all client-initiated cancellation requests in order for any such order to actually be cancelled. If you don’t agree to the cancellation request, then you can complete it as originally ordered.

If you do agree to accept the client’s cancellation request, then the order officially gets cancelled, and you lose a percentage from your order completion score.


Thank You Dear for your answer :memerah:


Please do not call me “dear”. I am not intimately related to you, nor are you my grandmother, mother, or a beloved aunt.

My name is @jonbaas. This is an excellent way to refer to me.


Wondering some people say that buyer left review after cancellation , is it true that they can really review after cancellation ?


No. Reviews are not possible if an order is cancelled.


thanks man, just needed to know .


oh…sorry @jonbaas :sweat_smile:


I would recommend that you read up on the site you are using. I’ll list some suggestions below. As you can see, many people don’t like to be called “dear.” Buyers don’t always like it either. I would also avoid saying Sir or Maam since you don’t really know for sure if someone is male or female. Avoid casual terms like bro or friend. Just call people by their usernames.

@makeyourlogoo These suggestions are also applicable to you and the use of the word “man” might also be a word to avoid so you can practice speaking as a professional with buyers.

My suggestion would be to start with some of these great resources:

The Support Team Help Articles (use search for best results)

The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)

Terms of Service:


@fonthaunt this is a good lesson, thank you for the information …:smile:


It’s true, but I have a review on cancelled order.
It’s different scenario. Buyer marked order completed, left his review and cancelled order later on.
Eventually I had a review (of course negative) in my profile on a cancelled order.


No, you have a review on a completed order, that was cancelled after the review was left (probably because of a Paypal chargeback). In that case, the review remains, but the buyer gets their money back.

That is not a review posted after an order was cancelled.


You are right, but this order is listed in my cancelled order list.

Yes, you are right.


Right… because the order was cancelled. :wink: