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What happens when a buyer doesn't respond to an open dispute after five days?


I’ve opened a dispute with a buyer, because he gave me a 4-star review but I did exactly what he asked for, in just three hours! He isn’t responding to the dispute. This is very unfair. What will happen if he doesn’t respond after 5 days? Can I cobtact CS to do something about the review? Thanks in advance.


According to Fiverr’s updated ToS and new Review policy, the review can only be changed via the dispute center.

A 4-star review is still a very good review.


You’ll get no joy from CS. He’s perfectly entitled to review you as he perceived the experience and you’ll always get some buyers who are more circumspect with their reviews.

And, in fact, raising a dispute for a 4 star review, which is still a positive review, is the type of behaviour by sellers that undermines the review and feedback system. Instead of disputing it and being righteous, did you ask what you could have done to earn a higher review so that you can improve your service in the future?


Yes I actually did, and still got no response. I offered him to modify the work, still no response…


exactly what @capitalquality said.

I once had a buyer who left me a 4.7 review, because and I quote:
“I don’t believe in perfect ratings as a teacher.”


@hipie007 bear in mind that after an initial message, if you insist and keep contacting the buyer, will get you in an even worse situation because he can very well report you for spamming, and harassing him.

It’s not professional at all.


Yes I know I’ve sent him just one message and that’s all.


I think it’s best to let it go, and try harder next time. :slight_smile: