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What happens when a buyer get banned?


I got a buyer who ordered from me last night and everything was OK with the order, yet this morning I got mail the order is cancelled by Customer Support team. I tried to contact the buyer but he doesn’t exist anymore - my guess is he got banned for something.

Now my question is - will this affect my gig ratings? Since it’s cancelled by support after all.

Drop your two cents :slight_smile:


No, it will not affect your ratings. Support understands things that are beyond your control.


@webtelly , I’m glad they do in this situation. Thanks!


Buyer got banned because of breaking TOS. I must say buyer used some words like pricing, money, email address or some contact information while communicating with you. This is the only reason CS banned buyer account but it will not effect your rating so don’t worry. Keep trying to serve best as much you can. I hope it will help you.