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What happens when a buyer purchases your gig first before contacting you for a custom offer?

Hello, Iv’e been using Fiverr for about 5 months now. As a template, I’d use other top sellers to create my gig descriptions. In every listing I see on Fiverr, the words “PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE” is the very first sentence in the gig description.

Of course I follow the same and put that in my description as well because I’m thinking I want to have a conversation with my new client and determine a price that’s right for them. Or maybe I’m not even the right guy for the job, so why waste there time with them buying a service they might not need?

But today I was thinking, “how can I improve my gigs and offer better services for my clients?” And I thought about this phrase that we all use in the beginning of our gig descriptions.

Why exactly do we do it? What happens if the client chooses to purchase a gig instead of contacting me first? Will Fiverr give me the option to communicate with the client or change the price or does the gig automatically start at the gig price they choose?

I’m thinking if I understand how it works, maybe I can get rid of the phrase and streamline the process for my client.

Does anyone have experience working this way? Could you tell me how it differs from giving clients a custom offer?

Thank you!

Hi Jsmccloud. Welcome to the fiverr community.

The issue you stated has been a long pending problem with fiverr. Sometimes the buyers directly go for the purchase without involving in a conversation with the sellers. Thus there might be issues of incomplete submission of requirements or a final price. If the order is placed, you can have a conversation with the buyer. If price is the issue then you can message the buyer your conditions and offer the gig extra feature there. If they accept it that should solve that part.

Regarding the line - “PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE”, I would suggest you to keep it as some buyers do engage in conversation with sellers prior to proceeding for an order.

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@saju85 Thank you for the response. So it sounds like I could adjust the price by adding an addon but I’m guessing there’s no way to reduce or discount the price. Or cancel the order if it’s something not in my skill set?

Sounds like it would be most useful to repeat clients that know what the cost will be. Instead of contacting me each time they could simply choose the gig and get things started right away.

Sorry…you can’t reduce the price once the order is placed. You can leave a message to the buyer if he or she wants to make a purchase in the future you can adjust the price then. Your regular clients will definitely know the correct price you offer for what they want.

Regarding the cancellation part - Yes, you can definitely go for a cancellation if the buyer requirements are beyond what you offer in your service. The worst part will be that it would effect your gig stats. That situation would be something that I would put in two words - BAD LUCK.