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What happens, when buyer places order without discussing anything

I need help. I am new to Fiverr. A Buyer placed order without much information. He has provided a different file other than macro file for excel. So, I sent a message to the Buyer.

Without my intervention, the order was accepted and says it is “In Progress”.

When i tried to cancel it, it says, i loose 5USD. How to avoid such circumstances?

Please help me about this.

How can i enable option to check the possibilities and only accept if it is relevant for me.

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The only thing I know of to tell you is that you should make it clear in your description that buyers contact you prior to ordering so you can work out the details. I learned this the hard way as that I’ve had several people order something different from what i was offering and had to try to work with the situation or cancel and that effects not only your pay but also rating. At least I think it does.

Fiverr isn’t set up so that every buyer has to contact you before they purchase your gig.

You need to set your gig up using the description, video, packages, requirement etc. so that your buyer knows what they’re getting before they start.

It’s fair enough if you need to create a custom order, but generally this shouldn’t be necessary.

It is not the buyer or Fiverr mistake; It’s seller mistake. You should not create the gig on which you unable to do work perfectly. For Example: If you do not know how to drive a car, then you will not test it. Make your gig, in which you can accept orders from clients directly.

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