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What happens when I buy multiple number of the same gig?


I bought four gigs from a seller. He fulfilled one gig and if I accept it, the button says makr the order as complete. Is that for the first of four gigs, or for all four gigs?


Buying multiples of the same gig can make things a little complicated.
For certain things it makes sense, like multiplying the number of words in a translation etc. For other things, like graphic design it can be confusing and should probably be discussed first to ensure there is no confusion.
I generally don’t use multiples and instead ask for a custom offer as it allows the seller to increase the time required if necessary.
Marking it as complete will be an acceptance of the whole (all 4) order and the seller should not have Delivered the order without all parts or at least explaining what the situation was if it was not complete. I suggest contacting the seller to explain before accepting the delivery.


And speaking of multiple items of a gig… I never saw it fair to keep the same delivery time of a single gig when purchasing 50 items of that gig, for example. If a gig has a 3-day delivery time, why does a 50x item gig have the same 3-day delivery? Surely it’s impossible to do such a delivery without having to request extra time from the buyer, who may not agree to it in the first place since it’s not what they’ve ordered.

I think the multiple items of a gig feature is not very well thought… at least for my gigs, and I bet for others’ as well.


Is there a way to limit the number of multiple gigs or is it set by 5r?


As a buyer I like that it cuts down on processing fees. I also do not expect four gigs to take the same time as 1 gig, I expect it to take about 4 times longer.


This happened with me once - A buyer placed 2 orders for my 5$ gig with 24 hour delivery - one with 10 quantity and other with 8.
I maybe wrong but I guess default limit is 10.
Luckily it was during weekend so I managed to pull it off but after that I limited my orders to 4, I cannot sit in front of my computer continuously for more than 4 hours doing work :sweat_smile:


I just tried with a random gig, and I was able to go over 100x items of a gig when purchasing, and it kept going, and I didn’t want to find out what the limit was because seeing a 2-day delivery gig with over 100x possible items made me feel sick :frowning:


Seriously there should be a limit to this :joy:


I wonder how many other sellers have set a limit for their orders.


Nope, I just tried, it went over 1,000x items and kept on going. Heck, the 4-digit number doesn’t even show up properly…


Now buy it. :laughing:
I don’t know if the seller will be happy or sad :joy:


It considers each gig a new customer, even with the same customer, which is why the time doesn’t change. But as a buyer, I limit my queue to so many gigs, and that way I can’t get more than I can handle at any time. I also have extras built into my gig to add more words, or whatever it may be, so they can do it all at once, and I make it clear if you message me for a custom offer, that I can discount, or build up an order. And custom orders don’t count towards the queue limit, so even if I’m full, I can decide to take on that order or not.