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What happens when i cancel after i delivered the order, but want to refund

I had a buyer who left a 3-star review on an order. Now i have requested to cancel that order because i don’t want mark on my profile just because of 4 dollars. If the order is automatically cancelled, and not through mutual cancellation, would it leave a review like “cancelled order seller failed to deliver on time” because right now i can see that the status of order is appearing as late. If it is cancelled automatically, even though i have delivered the order, would it leave negative review like the ones on late delivery.

You have 3 days to cancel the order even though it was delivered. The buyer can decline or accept the cancellation. If the buyer doesn’t react, the order will be automatically cancelled in two days, the buyer will get their money back and in a few days your review will be removed. Hope this helps!

What I understand (and had experienced once) is that if the buyer accepts it within 2 days of requesting cancellation, the review will go away & buyer gets refunded. If it gets cancelled without acceptance of the Buyer, the review won’t go away, as it’s not a mutual cancellation, so the buyer didn’t really opt in for it too.

Hope that helped.

  • Mike