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What happens when I don't give feedback to a buyer who rated low on an ordee

Hi. Had this buyer who has really stressed me out. I would have lived to give him his money back but it will still affect me. And considering the fact that I have worked so much for days and spent a lot I deserved someone. Before he ordered I told him and enlisted their was no revisions to this order, he accepted. And I even sent him the template he was gon get he accepted. After days of revisions (which I gladly revised) and told me he rated me low. So am asking because as I have not left a feedback on his review will it show up? And will it ever show up?. Don’t know what to do am only 5dollars away from being a level 1 seller here. Please if you were in my shoes what you gonna do? Thanks

If you don’t review your buyer, their feedback will show on your profile after 10 days. So you might as well review them back and share your side of the story.


You can share your side of the story in your own review of the buyer (helpful for sellers that buyer will order from) and you can also write a reply to the review they leave you (helpful for your future customers who might decide it’s fine to hire you despite the bad review, based on your reply to that review.

As for the level evaluation, does anyone know when a review counts?
When the buyer leaves it or when it shows up?

If the latter, not replying, or only replying in the next evaluation period (but before the 10 days are up) might give you the chance to have the bad review count only in the next eval period and then you’d have time to smooth it out until the next evaluation if you get enough orders and good reviews.

But I don’t know when it gets counted. According to Murphy’s Law, at the worst possible point, I guess. But good luck in either case, I hope it’s at least a fair review if not a good one.