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What happens when I edit my gig description or tags?

Hey, I’ve been searching for an answer to this question on forum. From what I’ve read, some people say that after any changes made to gig, it will disappear from search results for 24 hrs or so. Is that true? If so, where can I read more on that topic?

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@pretzelbun yes it is true but you find your GIG in Search result

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After editing a Gig, it may, or may not, disappear from the searcg for some time. Nevertheless, if the edit involves video, it will, since it needs to get approval before showing up again.

In my case, I don’t have video on any of my Gigs and have never disappeared after editing them.


So you’re saying it’s only shown to me while to others it’s invisible?

So in case it doesn’t have video it’s completely random (choice of an algorithm), gotcha


Sorry, that I can’t assert. I’m a translator and proofreader, not a fortune teller. :joy:

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. You can search for your gig yourself and see if it’s there or not. You can contact CS if you can’t find your gig in the search. You can check your gig views the next day and if the previous day’s view count is much lower, it means your gig was gone for a while.

No one here can give you a % chance of your gig disappearing or any tips to prevent that from happening.