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What happens when i request cancellation and there's no response from buyer?

I received an order from a buy and when I read it, it is asking me to add props, show his website on my computer, and something that can be used for commercial use. So I tried to contact the buyer and asked to add for a gig extra just for the props. But since I used the “In Order Gig Extra” feature, the buyer didn’t respond. I emailed again to follow-up, still no response. So I tried to cancel the order saying the the “buyer is unresponsive” but now it’s running out of time before it auto-cancels…

I’m just worried how this unresponsive buyer can affect my ratings when they are unresponsive. Will I get a negative feedback for cancelling?

Has anyone gone through the same thing before? Please tell me what happened. Thanks!

If there is no response from your buyer during the mutual cancellation process, the order will automatically mutually cancel. There are not reviews on mutual cancelled orders.

The only bad thing that can happen is this scenario: You patiently wait for the correct information and you are not getting a response and haven’t requested a cancellation. You wait and now the order is 24 hours past due. The customer presses “Cancel Order” (Maybe only because they are not ready and plan to just reorder when they are ready. They don’t understand the process.) The system automatically posts a negative review and posts an automatic review of “Seller Failed to deliver on Time” The system also shuts down the communication between the 2 of you.

I never let a new client go past the scheduled delivery time. I let regular customer’s slow the process down and be late all the time.

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks! I guess I don’t have anything to worry about. The buyer really didn’t respond to me at all. So I requested a mutual cancellation before the time ran out. I work on my gigs only on weekends so when they don’t reply with any details when I need more information, then I cancel. This is the first time though that the mutual cancellation was still left with no response so I’m wondering if this will give me a negative feedback. But thanks for clarifying it for me.