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What happens when I suspend my gig?


I have an excellent gig with 100% rating and I cannot keep up with work. I’ve used all my vacation mode and now I desperately need time off. Does suspending my gig take my rating, extras and my Level 2 away?

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I am in the same situation, it is hard to know what to do…i receive a lot of orders a day…my best gig is about logo design so i can just do about 10 max a day it took me 1 hour or more to do a quality job and sometimes customer need revisions, this is the only way to got a good rating. I have to go on vacations almost everyday because i receive ordes even when i sleep…i prefer to go on vacations than deliver crappy work but at this point i know i will spend all my vacations in about 2 months and i will need to suspend the gig…i love having a lot of work but there’s a limit for everyone, i wish i could deliver 50 orders a day but thats impossible for logo work…i hope my gig still receive orders after i suspend it.

vacation mode sometimes does not work well and i still receive orders and not just the info for submition, even full orders from the beggining


I suspended my gig before because I had too much work on my hands and none of those things happened. Then again, I’m only level 1 (but I’m sure the rules are the same if you are level 1 or 2)

Do you have a limited number of times when you can use your vacation mode? Well that’s news to me (and not the good kind).


You have 28 days a year because, you know, being a “freelancer” honestly has nothing to do with being “free”.

But thanks for letting me know, I really need a break!


28 days a year? I thought being a freelancer was all about the “free” part. Guess not.

We can always suspend the gigs, I guess. I’ve read some people found that their gigs were not featured so high on the page after they re-activated them. This is not my experience (quite the opposite actually), but who knows? It all seems so random at times…


Hello Valerie, random encounter here.

The true is your gig will probably appear “further” if you search for it, it will not be on top of its category but somewhere lower, but it shouldn’t affect your level at all and it doesn’t have effect on your rating. :slight_smile: Obviously already existing orders will affect your rating, even if they were “incomplete” and were activated after you suspended it, but otherwise no, it’s safe. I have to do it with my drawing gig way too often. :c


Thanks Ynne!

Fortunately, Customer Support got into their usual chicken and egg situation and suspended my gig because I wrote I’m not taking in new orders. So they won’t allow me to use vacation mode - which was their instruction when they suspended my gig "use vacation mode… would love to, but your vacation mode is honestly useless!- so, now that I have no choice but to be suspended, I’m off! Yes, free, free!