What happens when suddenly no more gigs


This is not complaining. Level2 100%. I was doing relatively well for my first three months. Suddenly my gigs have dropped to zero in month four. Any ideas or suggestions. :-((


Do you mean your sales have dropped off? I’ve been selling here for 6 months & had that happen a couple times. I make hand-crafted items which take quite a bit of time, so for me that drop-off can be a nice break, but I understand it’s not what most people want. I lost my Levels once & actually continued to make steady sales back at level zero, then regained Level 2 a couple weeks later & sales dropped off for a week! It just seems to be the rhythm of sales, up & down, and everyone has their own ideas about why that happens. There are many, many Forum threads with great ideas about promoting your gigs. Good luck, and hang in there!


I think the feast or famine here is largely down to how Fiverr ‘rotates’ the gigs - the search is (and has been forever, from what I hear) messed up. Fiverr absolutely wants people to earn as much money for them as possible - and they don’t care if it’s from veterans or new sellers, but the website just doesn’t work well in any respect. I get very few sales here. I don’t put much effort into promoting my gigs because I’d rather put that time and energy into getting bigger projects elsewhere. But on the occasion that I do get an order, Fiverr doesn’t notify me, despite having checked/reset my settings a dozen times, the messaging system isn’t good and so on.

They’d rather put their ‘team’ to work on calculating the best image size for mobile display instead of making sure that the systems in place actually work well.