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What happens when you close an account with an active order? (RESOLVED)

I recently closed my previous account to make this one, but I still had an active order on there. What happened to it? Was the waiting payment refunded to the buyer? I really hope so… I don’t want to risk having accidentally stiffed them or anything!


In this case, I think the buyers will be refunded after the orders show late deliveries

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The money will be refunded back to the buyer once the delivery time has elapsed.

I am curious. :thinking: Why would you close your account when it had an open order? :hushed:


Hopefully it will be refunded to them! Well that is weird thing to do!! but best Wishes for your new a/c.!!

I stupidly thought I could somehow contact the person and redirect them to my new account to restart the order (because I’d been having to up the delivery time because of life issues getting in the way and while he didn’t mind/understood, I felt weird having a bad rap on that account with delivery times… ;w;


I understand that! I hope all is well now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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