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What happens when you deliver an order more than once?

Hi, recently i receive my first order, i needed to upload 40+ images, i did that by delivering the order a couple of times. Will the buyer see all the deliveries or just the last that i sent?

The buyer will see all of them. I’d suggest trying to use an avenue that permits delivering all at once, though. As a buyer (in my experience), it’s kind of annoying when the seller does that instead sending a Google Drive/Dropbox link or a .zip file.

But, in that way, can the buyer download the file before paying for the order?

Yes, but that’s the case with every Fiverr order.

Sure, it won’t have the watermark if that’s what you mean, but I think it’s unprofessional to deliver multiple times. Plus, thinking he or she is being defrauded, a buyer could flag partial delivery if they don’t wait for you to deliver in full and just see the first; I know this was my reaction, especially when the seller was delivery 15 minutes apart and then forgot to include some files even after the fact (I didn’t report, of course, but I know some buyers are less than gracious when it comes to letting sellers explain).

It’s a tough situation. I wish Fiverr made it easier for those who make videos and graphics to deliver a lot of files within the delivery box at once instead of trying to find a balance between not breaking rules and making sure buyer gets what they need smoothly.

Thank you for your response!