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What happens when you dont get reviewed?

why people vanish off after receiving their work…

Nothing happens. A buyer can rate your work 30 days after the order is completed. If they haven’t within that time, the order remains without a rating forever.

Some people forget they ordered. Some people assume Fiverr is like Amazon and that they don’t really have to rate the transaction. Some people don’t like your work and don’t want to rate you poorly. Others just can’t be bothered with the Fiverr system and just take their work and go.

There are many reasons. As you get more popular, this can happen more frequently. When I was a newbie I got rated all the time. Now I have hundreds of feedback points, lots of buyers don’t bother rating me. Perhaps they think I don’t need it.

@sara1984 yes I am experiencing the same thing as well, maybe plain and simple they just cant be bothered.

I don’t push the review issue with my clients. I get reviews for about 60% of the orders.

I wouldn’t take it personally if someone doesn’t rate your work and “vanishes”. There are a myriad of reasons why people take their order and go about their lives. While it can be annoying when you are new and need ratings, I wouldn’t chase after buyers asking them to rate. This can annoy buyers, and, if you do it to the one buyer who maybe didn’t like what you provided, but, was following his mother’s advice to “not say anything if you do not have anything nice to say…” it could stir up a hornet’s nest and get you a review you wish would vanish!


As a Buyer of over 100 gigs I’d agree with "not say anything if you do not have anything nice to say…"

Sometimes I’ll get a gig delivered where it doesn’t work for my requirement but I recognize it was delivered in good faith. In those cases I’ll not provide a review.

From looking at the OP’s gigs I can guess buyers may misinterpret what’s being delivered.

yes more buyer after work delivery never give rating and feedback. so, just recommend for buyer please provide feedback and reviews about services after complete the work :slight_smile:

I have several buyers who message me after delivery that they liked my work yet never bother to leave a review. In such cases I nudge them to leave a honest review for my work. Some do , some still ignore! :frowning:

Sorry. That life. :frowning: