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What happens when you flag a message as inappropriate? [ANSWERED]


I recently had a pretty bad experience with a buyer. From the word “go”, she kept cursing and I tried my best to maintain my cool just because I wanted to “please” her. The order was pretty messed up, a lot happened, and my delivery turned out late.

The main point is this: She kept cursing on me and threatening to have her friends order my gigs just to drop as many negative reviews as she would be comfortable with. They were so bad I can’t even repeat the words. I reported her message to Fiverr as “inappropriate behavior,” but I’m in the dark as to what happens when such reports are made. I’d really like some enlightenment.


It’ll be passed over to Trust and Safety - there won’t be any further info as to ‘punishment’ etc.

So sorry you’ve had to go through that!


Thank you @offlinehelpers