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What Happens When You Say No: A 1.4 Review Story

I’m not sure what the flag message I have received regarding this wanted me to do exactly, but since this post wasn’t edited, I’m assuming I’m supposed to remove it? In either case, better safe than sorry.


Sorry to say mate but it gets much worse in the blog post and article section - that is if you can find work or are willing to write 2 x 500 word articles for $5.

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I don’t care. I’d rather now bid for jobs off Fiverr and work with people with who are something like reasonable than subject myself to the repeat car crash experiences I am having here every week.

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If you’re going out, go out in a blaze of glory.
Where are you bidding jobs off fiverr?

I have had my fair share of trouble customers. Heck, I’m dealing with one right now. It’s such an unnecessary headache, and I just wanna hug every seller(including myself) that has to deal with people like this .


We’re not allowed to say! It starts with P, though, and if you pay to get yourself featured and pick and choose your clients well, it works out much better financially and psychologically for you in the long-term.

You are much too nice to these idiots. They see that you let yourself be taken advantage of. What she wanted the first time was more like a $350 job. Her subsequent list of demands would have been another $400. She is well aware of this.

You need to come across more as a hard nosed greedy businessman which is what they can respect. You should have hit her with massive custom orders for all the extras she wanted right from the start.

That first order should have been met immediately without explanation with a custom order for at least $100. The rest of her demands should have been met with another custom order of $250.

And you should have let her know in no uncertain terms you were offering these as a huge discount as a new client bonus. And you should have been willing to let her complain and walk off if she didn’t like it.

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Yes, but look what happens when you actually try to charge more. This buyer told me that I had ‘nailed’ their video the first time. As soon though, as you try to put your foot down, people like this add an entirely new level to the bat crap crazy spectrum.


So then YOU add an entirely new level of new custom orders to send her. Don’t mess around with these horrible people.

Ok, crazy idea, how about talking to Fiverr Support for once?

Fiverr support isn’t there to help with this kind of problem. You have to be just and greedy and demanding as they are. Have more confidence in what you are actually worth.
I’ve seen your sample videos. They are brilliant. You are underpricing yourself and getting these terrible exploiting buyers as a result.


What else can he do! Some buyers in my category decided to offer embarrassingly low prices and my work in that category is down the hole.


He can try it out for a month, doing what I’m talking about. Not all buyers want low prices. Some can and will pay a lot more than you think if they know you are really good.

Some buyers are reassured and willing to pay a lot. Aim high, and get those types of buyers and forget the rest.

He clearly is worth more than he is charging from the looks of his videos and from the amount of work and customization he gives.


@cyaxrex try what @misscrystal is recommending. At this point it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?


I’m not in the same category so I don’t have knowledge of that line of work on fiverr but I just know that not all buyers are price shoppers. Some don’t care how much it costs as much as knowing that you will do a great job. Those realtors are a tough bunch though.

It might be fewer orders but the ones you get will be paying you a lot more to make up for it.

If your work wasn’t as good as it is I wouldn’t give this same suggestion.

These cheap exploiting ones will also be the ones to give bad reviews.


…Are you being serious right now? I’ve started believing that people are really REALLY not as smart as they think they are.


@shrutibatra Pointing out someone else deserving bad karma when they are already suffering is itself likely to lead to your own bad karma. We all need to be careful to be kind --myself included. I’ve been a bit annoyed lately in general so I need to try to control my lessor impulses. It’s easy to take it out on others sometimes.


I remember you making fun of another seller who also got banned due to such buyers.
Now I started believing in karma

Good that you believe it now… Start waiting for your turn…
Thats how it really works.


Funny how those who point out the faults of others by referring to how karma is getting them back never think they themselves are also about to get it.


Only take orders where you know you´ll need 12 hours minimum for such a sum, not counting possible revisions and related trouble, if you and Chico will be starving else.
And be careful with your reply, Cy. Hugs.