What Happens When You Spam People Outside of Fiverr?


Many of us have experienced this: random Fiverr sellers find our social media accounts, and send us some type of spam. Perhaps it’s a direct message, perhaps it’s via a Twitter reply, or Twitter mention, whatever. I’m guessing that they see it as marketing, but it isn’t. Trying to get someone to see your gigs even though they have no interest in it is spam, and initiating contact outside of Fiverr is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, too.

So, what happens when a seller spams others? Does that seller get sales?


The best case scenario, they will be ignored.

And not-the-best-case-scenario?

Possibilities are many. For example, the one they have spammed might block their Twitter account, and report them for spamming. If a bunch of people report them for spamming (sooner or later, they will), they’ll lose their Twitter accounts. And create new ones, I guess, with the usernames no longer being their Fiverr usernames, because those are already blocked.

And if the one they spammed is bored enough?

Well… They might really look at their gigs. And check if the images or the descriptions appear elsewhere on the internet. And report them to Fiverr for non-original content. And wait for results (and possibly a forum post from someone complaining that their gigs were removed for no reason).

The tip, since this is in the Tips category?

Don’t spam. As in, don’t send unsolicited messages, Twitter replies, Twitter mentions, friend requests, and so on, to other Fiverr sellers outside of Fiverr. Ever. Because you are unlikely to make sales, and are likely to get blocked and reported.

This post might have been inspired by being spammed today, blocking and reporting that seller’s Twitter account, and then reporting their gigs with stolen images, too. Of course, I’m not going to name anyone. :smile_cat:


But we are always told to market our gigs on social media. :confused:

I know spam isn’t marketing.


It’s the result of this common scenario
Newbie I need orders
Fellow mek-sell: Promote in social media
Newbie Thank you! Best advice ever!!!

People think that promoting in social media is something that anyone can do. How hard can it, right?
You just post your link in few groups and that’s it.


I have yet to find a way to do such a thing that doesn’t involve spam or 99% of people ignoring your odd post.


Let’s not forget spamming responses to posts for other professional companies. Some months back while browsing twitter through a ref link for cool photo someone pointed out this photo that looked similar to another photographers work. It was a nice discussion till I came across a response that added nothing to conversation plus was an obvious ad in attempts to get people to check out their fiverr gig.

If that wasn’t bad enough, similar posts were spotted in feeds for upwork, National Geographic, pages for companies that publish business magazines, some freelancers that don’t work on fiverr along with some reputable companies. I’m pretty sure this is why most fiverr based links are blacklisted.

Even when a professional approach is made, like being relevant and posting on your personal page, there are those individuals who have gotten fed up with seeing fiverr links advertised every 30secs will return the favor by spamming their own little spam in a response to the post.


Spamming annoys people. It’s always better to offer helpful suggestions, make helpful comments.

When I comment as a Facebook page, I never mention anything about my page or what I do. If people want to click my name and see what I’m about, they can, but it’s very annoying to share your Fiverr gigs unless you’re asked for them.

Also, some platforms are horrible. Quora is one example, on Quora people can report you and get you banned from the platform, so be very careful what you say there. For example, someone asks a question about politics, and you reply, and an argument breaks, you can lose your account. It’s better to stick to safe topics like movies, TV, graphic design, etc. Topics where disagreements don’t drive people crazy.

I’ve never seen anyone banned for hating Arial Black.


Last time I tried promoting my gig online it seems someone was in a bad mood, he/she followed my gig link and hit the report button. So I got a warning from fiverr. Since then I don’t do social media promo anymore.


What happened? If you just shared your gig link on your own social media account, that’s not a reason for Fiverr to warn you. And if someone falsely reported your gig to Fiverr (that is, if your gig doesn’t break any rules), it’s more likely for that person to get a warning.


People that message other people about their offers look like those fishy salesman lurking around the corner, making glances right and left for the police. “Wanna get your dose of unlicensed banners bud?” :man_supervillain:

Marketing isn’t spamming. You must be cleverer than that. With this access at lots of social media outlets and email subscriptions, people get bombarded with spam, and they get even more and more indifferent if you approach them like this.

Why not offering them something, instead of promoting yourself like a desperate person? For example, if you offer design services, “here is a free pack of social media icons made by me that you can use on your website. Free of charge, no subscription needed, no strings attached”. Give them the link where you post these, with a line below saying “If you want to get professional design service that looks even better than this, access this link”. Bam! There you go. Marketing! :wink:

I would have done exactly the same.


This is how to do it. Give something away free to them. Just mention you are also on fiverr.


I was sending my fiver link to people in my related niche on one of the popular social media sites, I got a warning from fiver that I am going against the TOS of other companies, so it is either a user reported me or the admin of the social media website.

But lesson learnt, I’ve stopped all that.


We’re living in terrible times. The founder of Infowars got banned from Twitter for something he did outside of Twitter. These social media companies are like little spies, investigating everyone, destroying people’s livelihoods.

How where your sharing your Fiverr link? Where you direct messaging people on Facebook? Did they complain about you on Fiverr?


It was on twitter, I was trying to get some podcasters to use my audio editing service. So I sent them a direct message and also attached my link. the next day I got that warning from fiverr.


Ah, well, that may be your problem. You were sending unsolicited messages that may have come across as spam. Either one of those podcasters, or, perhaps even Twitter, may have contacted Fiverr and cited you as a spammer. You should never be sending anyone unsolicted “buy my stuff” messages. Almost everyone views that as spam.


Yeah,its been a while @jonbaas I don’t do that anymore.


Thanks for the explanation!

Yes, it’s definitely spamming.

Have you tried just posting some useful articles or something, plus answering questions (not through an unsolicited direct message, of course!) and helping people, and then, once in a while, posting the link to your gig with relevant hashtags? That wouldn’t be spamming, and it might help with sales.


Thanks for giving knowledge


Twitter is very dangerous, 1,000 times worst than Facebook. It’s ridiculous that direct messaging exists and yet they punish you for it.

Ironically, I don’t blame you for your tactics. You can tweet all day long and nobody cares, or you can direct message the right people and maybe one will care.

In the future, try sharing interesting content. For example, you could take the music from “reunited and it feels to good” and create a video of Negan with Lucille (The Walking Dead). Then you share that with the right hashtag, maybe it goes viral and you get some attention.

Of course, doing that requires some ability with iMovie or video editing in general. My point is do something to show your abilities vs. telling them.


Okay, I plan on doing something creative soon that will show my skills but I won’t be sharing my fiver link, I will only leave my email so interested people can contact me, maybe from there I will send them to fiverr.

I am scared of sharing my fiver link to prevent further warnings because I heard 3 warnings will automatically disable a fiver account.


Careful with that, as ridiculous as it sounds, Fiverr might punish you for contacting buyers outside of Fiverr (via email).

You can put your Fiverr profile link in your Twitter profile description, as your website. That way, if someone wants to contact you about the things you can do for them, they’ll know where to find you.