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what happens with fiverr?

For the fourth day, thousands of online sellers are showing, in categories where they have never been so many, in the mobile version all my clients are constantly displayed online, who knows what is happening and when will this be fixed?

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There have already been several threads about this issue in the last 24 hours.

Things like this usually get rectified within a couple of days. If, however, it is annoying you or is impacting your Fiverr search in some way, you can contact Customer Support.


if the customers are also displayed online, then of course it worries me, because in front of the list there are a lot of sellers with thousands of reviews and they are also shown online

Most complaints are usually based on the fact that the online filter doesn’t work and sellers are shown as offline even when they’re not. A lot of sellers will be happy to finally be seeing themselves as online even if they’re not, but then they’d have to be online to see the difference anyway? :wink:

Maybe they’re trying to fix it - yeah! :clap: