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What has been your greatest personal achievement?

We are all anonymous individuals on Fiverr and know very little about each other so was just wondering what has been your greatest personal (not business) achievement?

Like many people, I draw a line between my personal life, and my public/business life. My public achievements are generally a matter of record, while my personal achievements are just that – personal.

If we are, as you noted, “anonymous individuals on Fiverr”, then don’t you think sharing personal information kind of defeats that purpose?

Not if it is general information. For example … I climbed a mountain … won a golf tournament … ran a marathon. Just a bit of conversation!

Building my house soon after my father’s death in my early 20s. It was difficult.

This question cannot be answered until the end of a life. For some people who aren’t prepared to take it seriously, it could mean “I didn’t have any chocolate today lol”.

No one particular moment springs to mind for me, in my mid-30s, But I will never not be proud of risking losing everything by telling my headteacher at school, mid-bollocking, that he was wrong and no, I wasn’t sorry, because I was right.

He agreed with me a decade later.

All of my top achievements aren’t academic or professional–that’s confetti–it’s me standing up and point stuff out. The music of “you were right” comes years later isn’t the prize.

I don’t know what the prize is. A big golden shit? My biggest achievement today was helping my friend to stop their blood flowing. If you know dialysis, then you may be familiar with this. I’d never seen the arc of blood fly across a room with each heartbeat until today. It was… arresting. But I dealt with it and I cleaned it up.

That’s not an achievement. It’s what you do.

Maybe all I’ve said is bullshit, maybe it isn’t. All I know is that its a bit bullshitty to start a post like this and then say “I RAN A MARATHON!”

Well, big deal. I’ve been to Marathon, it’s a dump. I certainly wouldn’t run to my death to get there.

Anyway, I think a good shit is the prize. That one that slides out without straining and when you go to clean up, there’s nothing. Sometimes, it may even flush itself. We’ve all done one, maybe more.

Or we can compete about amazing experiences we’ve conquered, but if you’ve ever been constipated, well…that’s a battle, especially if you need some “digital help” from a poor medical professional to ease the passage of the stool.

In the meantime, if they’re wrong and you have proof, it doesn’t matter how powerful they are. Tell them, take it on the chin and continue.

NB does not work in politics.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, the examples quoted are just examples and do not apply to me personally. If only!

I always find it amusing when people post fishing posts like this and don’t reveal their own [whatever the subject is]. Nobody’s that interested in commenting here because either everyone is a) exceptionally unremarkable or b) boring or c) unimaginative.

I know that c) isn’t true, as there are some real fantasists on this website!

I don’t mind revealing my own personal achievement. It was obtaining my private pilots licence in my early twenties. It cost a lot of money, took a year, as I didn’t have the money up front and I had to spend most of my wages on it every week.

Do you use it? I’d quite like to fly a plane one day but knowing my luck I’d accidentally become a terrorist by crashing into a nearby tall structure…

I have many achievements I’m proud of but this is not where I want to post them. I agree with Jonbaas that our personal lives are private.