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WHAT has hapepend to the quality on Fiverr?

Has anyone else noticed that the past year - year and a half the quality on fiverr has plummeted? For the most part - they dont understand at ALL what you want. (they say they understand english but dont).

AND everyone wants so much more now. this could be called Forty-Dollar-er not fiverr.

I loved it back when - but its not being moderated or something.

of the past 20 gigs I ordered - 1 was a success…:frowning:

reply to bachas85:

true, as a buyer you have the same responsibility to practice due diligence. I am around for about 2 years [buyer only] and have for 95% had nothing but extra ordinary luck with sellers.

But I also study my own request carefully, get the wording right etc. etc. Provide sample urls, provide all materials, logins etc, the seller will need. I usually do a extensive text file [without the logins or attachments before buying], the text file I give is always very detailed, also addressing other options I will allow for the seller to substitute and so on.

I “always” contact the seller first before I buy, asking if he/she has the time for my project, as well as the expertise [no matter what I read in their gig]. I separate code from css/visuals etc, if it’s for example a WP gig that offers all around customization.

I do a point by point sheet for the seller. That way the seller has a much easier time to not only estimate a fairly correct deliver time but also how many gigs based upon that it will take.

This has worked very well for me and sellers.

But once in a while one does stumble: I contacted a particular seller based upon his expertise, excellent reviews [although not a ton of them] - provided upfront extreme details, urls, as well as options the “very proficient” seller may want or need to consider - all that to eliminate confusion about what I expect.

Then I wait usually at least a day to give the seller time to check my requirements and the project out in depth.

The seller comes back with a sound “yes” I can do it but it will take 3 days [versus the initial offer of 1 day] - I agree, because I rather have a seller tell me upfront. I relied on his self proclaimed professional resume as well as on the sterling feedbacks [20 of them] he has.

I then sent all the attachments, including the login, sent the theme etc. etc.

No acknowledgment of receipt. So, I go and check how many he open jobs he currently has, 3 total [that includes mine]. I tell myself, don’t worry about no communication.

But when the 3rd day rolls around and I not only see nothing on my site or receive at least a one liner text from the seller, I decided to contact him, asking very polite if he is able to keep the timeline.

16 hours later - finally a “one line message” very polite - asking if I would be kind enough to wait for another 14 or more hours.

I respond with: do not worry too much, take 20 hours [because I thought he might need to also get some sleep in somewhere].

That was 2 days ago - not a word since. Does no longer respond at all, the deadline of course has passed by far. He knew [because I stressed this from the get-go] that one item is utmost crucial to be completed on time.

So, I message again, asking if he has tech problems or something, but to please give me the curtesy of a communication.

This is the “first” time that I feel totally raked over the coals, my own deadline passed, I hesitated to cancel the order the first time around when he already knew he could not keep the deadline - but he primised to deliver withing that time frame.

I lost my client over that this morning. And here I am, still giving this seller the benefit of the doubt that something must have happen, why else would he have good reviews/feedback?

But this negative experience has no ipact on all the “good ones” I had and hopefully will continue to have.

This was a very long, detailed expression from a “buyers” view.

Growth doesn’t always mean it will be for the best. The quality is still there, but because the market is saturated, it is harder to fine. As far as price, it is a matter of supply and demand. If something is priced at $45 and it keeps selling at that price, there is no reason do drop it, now is there.

Fiverr from day one has always stated that prices START at $5. I bet you can still find bargain prices if you are willing to go with some of the newer accounts. I don’t have all the answers, except to say once again as fiverr grows, a mixture of good along with the bad is going to be part of the market.

On one hand, quality might have dropped. But that low quality is still 5$. Other people provide higher quality services now, which would’ve cost hundreds of dollars, for dozens of dollars.

This is a site for people who want to make relatively small bits of money - or buy services on the cheap. And like everywhere else, you get what you pay for. The risks increase as the buyer wants more for less.

When buying, always keep in mind what the REAL value is of the service you want. The more you go below it, the greater the risk that you don’t get it. Stay in the “safe” middle zone in costs.

When selling, keep in mind that your actions are held against other sellers. So if you cheat or gauge the buyers, they are less likely to buy from you or anyone else.

Reply to @artradar:

Thank for you for sharing. It’s buyers like you that sellers greatly appreciate.

saraj21 said: Has anyone else noticed that the past year - year and a half the quality on fiverr has plummeted?
Not my gigs! Still the same top quality stuff! ;-)

Fiverr has grown exponentially in the last 3 years & is experiencing the growing pains that often happens in cases like that. But as mentioned above, generally, if you do your due diligence, ask questions, pass over anyone who doesn't feel like a good "fit" for your project and keep looking, I think most of the time you can find outstanding work at good prices. And just as can happen in any other business, sometimes things go sideways. Get your cancellation or modification, then move along.

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