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What has happened to fiverr!?

Where are the orders? What the hell has happened? Three years working myself half to death, overdelivering and undercharging to build a decent portfolio of amazing gigs with excellent reviews and I’ve barely had ONE GIG IN THREE WEEKS!!

What the hell is happening, this is garbage, we are supposed to read these brilliant Fiverr stories about how well people are doing and this is how you treat hardworking sellers!!!

What have you done? NOBODY can now build a freelancing career on this platform, you’ve simply gone and dumped on your best and most hardworking sellers.

If anybody else is in the same boat then email Customer Services and get them told, this is UNACCEPTABLE!


This is sorted by CUSTOMER RATING!!! Why isn’t my gig at the top not buried down at the bottom with a load of gigs with ZERO orders??

This isn’t good enough, I want ANSWERS!

Hello, Sorry to hear about your rant. I can feel it. You may find this helpful. :slight_smile:
Good Luck. :four_leaf_clover: :innocent:


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Yeah that’s my book about how to make even more money using the affiliate program which I give away FREE!

Once again, thanks Fiverr you really know how to treat people.

I’m not sure if you browsed the forum, but if you do, you will find out you are not alone. Fiverr has changed and in many ways, at least for some, it feels like starting over. I’m in the same boat as you. I tried the CS route but really didn’t get any answers that you can’t find here on the forum.

Good Luck

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Well you really emphasize on how important it is to use social media, so you can use your large following of niche related supporters to help you out in this hard time.

One more thing, as a gig setting expert, I think you need to re read your book. That will help you a lot in ranking your gig.

Hope that helps. :innocent: :+1:t2:


Al right. I think someone needs a more canned advice instead of a REAL one. Cool.

Promote your gigs on Social media, Update your Search Tags, Upload a gig video, Use Buyer Requests section, offer exceptional customer service…

Cheers :hibiscus:

Nothing happened. fiverr is fine

I have the same problem, after the last update, I don’t get new order or messages. From $1700-$2000/month in last 30 days, I made only $600 from old customers. Is not the first time when my gigs go down after Fiverr update. I have this problem after each major update :frowning:

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Hello, you are not alone as Steveyes said. Try these and see if it helps you out.

  • Promote your gigs on Social media,
  • Update your Search Tags,
  • Upload a new gig video,
  • Use Buyer Requests section,
  • Offer exceptional customer service.

You can try some helpful threads for the tips to get out of this hard time e.g UPYOUR series.

Hope that helps.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover: :thumbsup:

Try some of the great fiverr promotion books you can find. Written by promotion experts, you can learn a lot on how to promote your gigs.

Also, buy some promotion services from fiverr experts. They could help get you added sales.


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If you find it funny mocking a fellow fiverr seller even if it’s not directly going towards making fun of his services, it still show how much hate it contains wouldn’t it be more nice to just give him serious advices just like @saddu_writer mentioned (only after mocking him too) ? Maybe use your writing skills for good and give advices maybe just maybe ? idk whatever … sarcasm :nerd:

_> PS : Read my message with a cinematic heroic voice it will give it more awesomeness _

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actually why can’t that be a serious suggestion? There are several books on the subject as well as professional marketers here.
Make use of it.

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The algorithm changes have already been discussed extensively in the forums before. A quick search will show that you’re not alone in this.

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You are not alone :slight_smile: I from 3k-5k per mth down to less than 1k from old clients. See my gig and you will know how my works and reviews. But I will be doing more internet marketing stuffs and building ecommerce sites, so now fiverr will be my part time for now, got biz do it and pay for utilities bill, if not, I will be making much more than my affiliate marketing since I got much times now :slight_smile: Fiverr road gone, but there open another one for me.

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Nothing any happens with fiverr we have use it currently.
you try to learn about it how to use for sell :busts_in_silhouette:

Most of the replies on this topic have been frankly insulting and stupid (like go and reread my own book or buy promotions froim Fiverr experts), fortunately Fiverr Customer service were more helpful…

"(Fiverr Customer Support)

Jul 11, 10:23 AM EDT

The Gig was forwarded to be reviewed by our Editors. They have provided a refresh on the Gig that should help. Please allow the Gig a 24 hour period to reindex within the search. Please let us know if you require further assistance."

Just shows what can happen when you persist.

Issue resolved.