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What have I done wrong?

Hey everybody! I made a fiverr account a while ago but I just started using it recently. Well, my gigs have gotten tons of views, but I haven’t sold any yet. I was hoping you guys could go to my page and comment what is wrong with my gigs?

Good morning, stopmotions :slight_smile:

I’ve taken a look at your page and can offer a couple of suggestions that were given to me in the beginning.

First, use a real photo in your profile. Folks like to buy from people:) Second, shorten up your delivery time. Once you are busier with orders or reach a higher level, you can extend it, but should still try to keep them as short as possible.

Lastly, I notice four of your gigs seem to offer the same thing, adding a special effect to 20 photos. Maybe consider combining into one gig with options? You could use the gallery in your gig to show a few examples.

That’s all I’ve got! Wishing you much luck!